The story behind the blog

Oh hey! My name is Abi (or Abigail if we’re being formal or you’re my parents) and on the 24th October 2016, my husband Mark, my  7 and half month daughter (at the time) Summer and myself got the opportunity to leave our cosy little flat in London and move to the bright lights of LA. This is a little blog for me to document our journey and also a way of keeping the loved ones (and you reading this!) informed of what we are up to. Another reason why i’m doing this is because my illustration agency said a way to improve on my writing skills is to write everyday – so here I am!

 It’s gonna be one of those things where I hope I can keep it up to date and have every intention to, but sometimes life just happens. I know that my future self will look back at this though – either cringing or smiling, but glad That I did at least try!

A few things

The people who I might talk about:

Mark – the husband and the daddy to little Summer Grace. His work is the reason why we are out here and he works very hard to keep us girls happy, he’s doing a great job!

Summer – the little bundle of joy in our life and the one who keeps us on our toes for 24 hours of the day, everyday!

Alee – she’s my cousin and one of my best friends and I’m super lucky she’s here to give me guidance. She likes to work out and listen to music and take me to all the best places. 

Leandre and Caroline – they are our friends from UK who Mark works with and now are our neighbours. They are French and are awesome

Spotty and Dotty – the two cats that seem to live outside our patio door but run away whenever we open them

The name behind the blog

Sunny side up is an American term on how you can have your eggs cooked. It just sounds positive and as a family we like to focus on the sunny side up of living in all this sunshine. No real hidden meaning- just liked the phrase!

And another thing

I’m a children’s book illustrator too! so the occasional drawing/picture/children’s book post might creep into the mix. A new fancy shcmancy website coming soon for my artwork!

andddd…Here’s a pic of us:


Thanks for stopping by!