The First Post

It’s been 24 days since we got on the plane with our overweight (matching) bags and it’s only now that I feel I’ve had time to sit down, by sit down I mean on our carpeted floor as we have no furniture in our new apartment yet. Since we got here so much has happened, here are some highlights in some kind of order…

Here goes!

Arrival day – 24th October 2016

Touch down and Mark and I survived our 11 hour flight without Summer having any tantrum! There were days when we used to be so excited to see what and how many films we could cram in between the inflight meals/toilet breaks and naps- this time around we got through one film, in three separate intervals. But we did it!

We thought the scary part would be going through customs with our shiny new visas. We had a funny experience before (it’s Marks story but involves officers laughing thinking he looked like an elf) but this time around all good, I don’t know she did it but Summer managed to use her charm that the officer ended up giving her a toy wand which ended up being her most favourite toy in the world.

Also that week..

Jennifer Lawrence

We are very fortunate that Marks company set us up with a relocation team Dwellworks and we had the lovely Jennifer, who really does look like Jennifer Lawrence- she told us that she is also a voice actor and that was it. We were convinced we had found her secret other life….

anyways, she’s amazing and after spending so much time with her driving us around viewing houses and hours in line at the social security offices and banks, I’d like to feel like we are friends- but then again she is probably just really good at her job!

The hotel

We also got put up in Four Points By Sheraton in Culver City for two weeks! Yep, I had all the visions of me lounging around in hotel slippers and gown strolling to the pool…but with a baby and ridiculous amount of luggage that dream didn’t come to real life. But we did enjoy it. There happened to be a 100+ Japanese gospel choir staying at the same time as us. It was delightful seeing them every morning and oh my gosh they loved Summer. Everywhere we went there were some girls cooing “kawaaiiii” as we walked pass. Summer gave them all her best smiles, it really was like she was famous if not a little bit awkard and funny and terrifying all at the same time! 

our lovely bed that was made for us everyday…ahhh I miss it


Summer and I experienced our first US Halloween. I pictured it to be just like Hocus Pocus and ET and you know what, it actually kind of was!

My cousin Marvin and his wife and 2 kids live in Santa Monica and they said we could go with them. They said we would only do one street which I thought was a bit strange, until we got onto it and totally realised what they meant. This was one mega street with every house completely done up (some even had projected images on their windows) it was like walking onto a street in Disneyland. The amount of effort that people put into their house and also into their costumes is crazy. Made me feel a bit lame with my black top and black trousers combo, really wish I went ahead and wore my 2 dollar witch hat from Target. Also felt a bit like a fraudster trick or treating fully knowing that Summer is way too young to be eating any of the candy, so really it would be Mark and me tucking into them later #sorrynotsorry

The most fun part though was seeing Summer dressed as Mike Wozowski from Monsters Inc.


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